Know Your Legal Funding Terms

Know Your Legal Funding TermsSome companies specialize in legal settlement funding. When people are involved in a lawsuit, they may apply for a special loan and receive money long before they win the court case or make a settlement agreement. Some terms that are unique to lawsuit financing. The following is a list of terms that might be used when someone needs a settlement loan.


In a civil lawsuit, when someone sues someone else, the person suing is usually called the plaintiff or complainant. They must prove wrongdoing by the other person in the lawsuit in order to recover restitution, which is usually given in the form of money through the legal system.


This is the party in a civil lawsuit that is being sued. They are either called a defendant or respondent, depending on the type of lawsuit it is and state in which it is filed. Just because someone is being sued, it does not mean they have done anything wrong. It is up to the legal process to decide that through a judge or jury trial.

Workmen’s Compensation


Legal Financing Helps Pay For Daily Life During a Lawsuit

Legal Financing Helps Pay For Daily Life During a LawsuitLawsuit financing is available for some plaintiffs that would otherwise be financially strapped between the time their case begins until the trial occurs. Many people are unable to work due to personal injury. Some may have lost their employment due to circumstances involved with the case. This puts a huge financial burden on them. Their regular bills often pile up because there is no means to pay them. For others, added expenses are simply too much to handle. Additionally, lawsuits cost money. They cannot afford to survive without some financial help until they win their case. There are several bills that accrue during this critical period. After a suit is filed, it may not go to court. The parties may reach a legally binding agreement beforehand. This almost always involves the payment of a sum from the defendant to the plaintiff. Lawsuit funding helps people to make ends meet during this time.

Living Expenses
Monthly living expenses, such as the mortgage on a house or rent on an apartment are usually large payments that cannot be put off for several

Money and the Laws of Value

Money and the Laws of ValueOne summer day a hen was on the look out for food on a farmyard. As she scratched at the straw on the ground, she uncovered a diamond jewel. The hen suspected that the jewel might be valuable because of the way it glittered in the sun.

This object is probably worth a lot, the hen thought to herself, but I will trade a bushel of this diamond for a single bushel of corn. (One bushel of diamond is worth about 20 million tons of corn)

What is true for the hen is also true for human beings. People cannot use money better than their level of appreciation of its power. If you are primarily a consumer you will only be familiar with the consumption power of money – what money can buy. An investor is very familiar with the reproductive power of money – How money can multiply. A business man is familiar with the production power of money – How money change forms into valuable products and services. Money has no power in itself to change your financial personality; it however

Why Access to Financing Is Critical For Law Firms

Why Access to Financing Is Critical For Law FirmsMost people assume that every lawyer lives an extravagant, lavish lifestyle. They assume that all lawyers have large incomes, fulfilling work, and a prestigious position in society.

But this is an inaccurate picture of the lives most lawyers live – especially plaintiff attorneys who work on a contingency fee basis.

Lawyers experience the same day-to-day challenges as the rest of us. Those that start their own firms face the same challenges and fears as any new business owner.

Contingency based law firms need to prepare for significant negative cash flow as they build their case load, spending on case costs including expert witnesses and general operating expenses while they wait for revenue from settled cases. Founders of new law firms are already saddled with debts from an expensive education, often paid for with student loans. They have operating expenses such as rent, advertising, salaries and benefits, subscriptions, association fees, and insurance. Add it all up and it’s almost impossible to get off the ground.

While there is only so much money you can borrow from family and friends,

Lawsuit Financing Companies


Law firms, attorneys, lawyers or customers often type suit-funding businesses. Lawsuit funding businesses may also supply custom finance, company finance, charm finance or property finance.

Lawyers and several attorneys produce suit funding businesses centered on the kinds of instances they experience one of the most and also their encounter. Lawyers and attorneys with knowledge in patent lawsuits or injury lawsuits assist by giving assistance and cash advances within their areas.

Several funding choices are provided by lawsuit funding businesses. Having a monthly charge that is substantial, several suit funding businesses might help to stay the situation quicker. The plaintiff needs to consult with the lawyer which choice is most effective to him although a sizable number of choices can be found.

the plaintiff and also the suit funding organization could make an arrangement of the quantity of share the suit financers might acquire following even the consensus or the negotiation is famous. This really is named “flat rate”. In addition to the smooth fees, each month the plaintiff needs to spend the absolute minimum charge, named “continuing fees”, towards the lawsuit funding organization. This continuing charge might be as large as 15% with different companies, or is often as low as 2.9% in